When Flood Coming

"Flood" (In Chinese called《水啸雾都》) is a British sci-fi disaster film released by Lions Gate Films. Even though Tony Mitchell is not a well-known director, the film is reminiscent of another famous disaster movie "the day after tomorrow" (Roland Emmerich, 2004). It is said that, "Flood" is a fictional film, which has lots of details that in the real world are unlikely to arise. (For example, possibility of happening floods on the very scale, and how does the gates to be closed, and so on.) However, it indeed got a very unique success in the describing of the disaster itself, as well as portraying characters. Magnificent scenes, shocking effects, voice and music of great penetrating power, coupled with superb performances of the actors and actress make the film ornamental.


A terrible storm caused a tremendous flood, which is going along the east coast of , and will pour into . Millions of people are on the verge of death. Rob, an Marine engineers and senior experts in flood control equipment, must to save the city in hours, just with the help of his ex-wife and old father. This, of course, is the typical performance of heroism in command with other European or American films. Nonetheless, I considered the film be a family film rather than a simple disaster films. There are no strange circumstances, but heart-shakings of the fighting against flood. On disaster, the power of struggling and surviving makes people stronger. No preach, no rhetoric, but full of the scientific controversy, a resolute decision, the courage to escape and efficient rescue. "Selfless", "wisdom and courage" and "hope of life to others", these are the films want to interpret.

A woman and her daughter were tasting dim sum at home, warm and harmonious. But they did not know that death is coming up quietly. Suddenly, Daughter found water come in from the entry of the house. Only a few seconds, the old mother had been swept away by the water. Daughter struggling to climb the attic...

One of the two extraordinary testers sacrificed himself in order to survive others. No fierce ideological struggle, no noble words, only an idea in danger, has expressed the true, the good and the beautiful in depths of the soul.

Professor Leonard adventures his life on diving into the water to open the gate, instantly, flood Pentium away. Gate has been preserved, and city, but Professor Leonard cannot wake up again...

The film has come to an end; however, it leaves the audience a large imaginary space, far more than the film itself. The peak receded would strike again, that is immersed in endless reflection. From the nearly two-hour rehearsal for disaster, people feel a kind of warning, which is against the humans’ atrocity of the earth.

By Jeemy Dec.15,2008