Who is idiot?

Straight talking, there are less than 5 Indian films that Jeemy has watched.  In my impression, Indian films are full of singing and dancing, but lack of connotation. This is the reason why I don't li

Turning Dog Back To Dog

"Bolt" (In Chinese 《闪电狗》) is a turning point of Disney's "3D disability". Do you remember "The Lion King" (《狮子王》), "Tarzan" (《泰山》), "Beauty and the Beast" (《美女与野兽》)and "The Little Mermaid" (《小美人鱼》)? T

When Flood Coming

"Flood" (In Chinese called《水啸雾都》) is a British sci-fi disaster film released by Lions Gate Films. Even though Tony Mitchell is not a well-known director, the film is reminiscent of another famous disa