Turning Dog Back To Dog

"Bolt" (In Chinese 《闪电狗》) is a turning point of Disney's "3D disability". Do you remember "The Lion King" (《狮子王》), "Tarzan" (《泰山》), "Beauty and the Beast" (《美女与野兽》)and "The Little Mermaid" (《小美人鱼》)? These 2D cartoons produced by Disney was regarded as classic works. Nevertheless, 3D has been seen as the most serious weakness of Disney. Now, from "Bolt", Disney has created a new world of 3D cartoons.

At the very beginning of the movie, Bolt (Voiced by John Travolta) defeats a number of enemies with advanced weapons, and saves the life of his master Penny (Voiced by Miley Cyrus) successfully. The explosion of the aircraft, the hunting down the highway, as well as the stunning “Lightning roar”, and so on, is impressive. However, this is not the video want to show to us.

Bolt & Penny

As a "super dog", Bolt's life is full of danger and adventure - but this is only in front of the cameras! In Bolt's daily performance, he will and must go through a lot of adventure, danger and excitement, until the camera stopped. Unfortunately, Bolt is just a dog, he couldn't distinguish what is the reality and what is illusory. He didn't know, in reality, he doesn't have super-ability to break the ground. It is precisely because of his pride got in illusory, pain in reality.


The Bolt dog didn't have any super-ability, but man-made environment made up the very "super-ability", which almost destroyed his instinct. Finally, Bolt realized that he was just an ordinary dog who hadn't owned any unusual power. Never negative, via a painful course, he stood up again. With the help of Mittens —a stray cat (Voiced by Susie Essman), and Rhino —a hamster (Voiced by Mark Walton), Bolt recovered gradually to a normal dog. he experienced the happiness of life, played his tail like other dogs, and headed out the windows to feel the breeze. In addition, Bolt hadn't lost of the excellent characters which given by , that is courageous and responsibilities. This is the most important. Bolt realized that he can become a real hero, though there is no super-power. I think this is what the director wants to show you.


Cartoon is no longer the children's patents. And the role of cartoon is not only to make a beautiful fantasy and memory for children before they enter the harsh social. At the end of the movie, A fire took place. Bolt found a vent to get out, but the vent is too small for Penny. Bolt shouted toward the vent, and then Penny and Bolt almost collapsed. This is the thing called reality. That's how it could be, live will give you a false side, but you always have to face the real -cruel, cold and danger.

Finally, I want to praise the main characters in the movie. First, of course, Bolt. Disney created the figure successfully, whether Bolt was "super dog" — his serious and courageous, or when he returned "dog-nity" — a lovely dog. A look, a small actions would be performed in place. The small hamster Rhino, who considered Bolt as a hero always, continued to encourage Bolt when he almost gave up himself. Mittens the cat, whose outlook on life was to live from hand to mouth, even a little negative, taught Bolt a real live. The two help Bolt to discover himself from different angles. Overall, the story is not innovative, but the role and emotional has been portrayed successfully, especially the detailed descriptions of friendship. Whether Bolt and Penny's family, or friendship between Bolt, Mittens and Rhino, has touched people's hearts, deeply and lastingly.


Text images are from 时光网www.mtime.com

By Jeemy, Jan.19, 2009