Pure love – the movie “A.I.”

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is a science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg.

The movie told us a story which seemed to be a fairy tale but in fact extremely cruel.

In the middle of the 21st century, due to the warming climate, ice covered over the Antarctic and the has begun to melt, and many cities have been submerged underwater. At that time, the science and technology has reached to a very high state, artificial intelligence robots have been invented to deal with the worse and worse environment.

The A.I. robots possess not only genuine human appearance, but also the existence of their own perception as human being. David is one of the very kind of robots. But he is not willing to just be a robot— he want to be a real human so that his ‘mom’ will love him. With this firm conviction, 11-year-old David begins his special experiences.

David thinks that the beautiful Blue Fairy will make his dream come true. But during the freezing two thousand years, the symbol of dream finally becomes pieces in the child's embrace. Is this saying to us that everything in a dream is only a soulless body such as the story of Blue Fairy?

The film's performance practices are also worth mentioning. Humans hunting robots inhumanly, which in this film shows, is like a ridiculous drama: the humans unlike people, robots like a human instead. David's birth is the beginning. According to the movie, two thousand years later, the human being is extinct completely. In fact, the human has become the object of memory only. And David becomes the last one who has seen the "real human". When the history of civilization has disappeared, only the small robot child maintains the human soul. The human spirits, which can not be destructed, only exist in the chip of a robot.

"Let my mother love me" - what a simple aspirations! Love become the only reason for his survival, the child will search and wait for the whole lifetime, whether he is a human being or a robot.

By Jeemy Apr.16,2008